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ComfyLiftBedâ„¢ Toddler size

New! The "Adjustable BackLift" Positioner

Enhancing the special needs bed/mattress for the Disabled Child

Easily installs in Vinyl leak-proof cover. The adjusting backrest slips into sleeve under the head rest area. Toddler size only.

-helps for upright feedings
-grooming and brushing is made easier
-suctioning sessions improved
-respiratory therapy enhanced
-general resting in upright position
-Severe reflux occurrences are better managed

*Child should always be supervised while in the upright position.

Insurance, Medicaid and DMEs


Positional Therapy Pillows LLC does not have a department to process health insurance claims for our customers. However, many insurance companies reimburse for The ComfyLiftBed. You need to check with your health insurance company to find out the specifics of the coverage that they provide for medical devices such as The ComfyLiftBed and request a claims form from the insurance company. Generally you will need to acquire from your doctor's office a "Letter of Medical Necessity" along with a doctor's prescription specifying the ComfyLiftBed™ as the right choice for your child's sleep therapy. Your health insurance company may ask for the "HCPCS codes" in order to process a reimbursement claim. The HCPCS codes will be on your copy of the invoice.

The HCPCS Codes are as follows: Miscellaneous: E1399

Medicaid Filing

Many state Medicaid programs have covered the special needs ComfyLiftBed™ for families. To file with your state Medicaid program please call us at 361-767-1888 for help in locating a dealer in your area.

Physician, Hospital, Therapy Center or Pediatric Group

If you are a physician or medical professional and need details on how to receive free informational material and literature for your office, or need help in locating a DME to file for coverage to Medicaid and/or private insurance for your patients, you may email us at info@comfyliftbed.com or to contact us by phone at 361-767-1888 / fax to 832-675-9801. For those that choose to write us please address your correspondence to: 3691 Inca St Robstown, TX 78380 .


If you are a Durable Medical Equipment Company (DME), and would like to receive a dealer price list with documentation of our ComfyLiftBed™ products or to or get on our DME Referral List for our customers, then call us at 361-767-1888, email to info@comfyliftbed.com or fax your contact information to 832-675-9801.

Email: info@comfyliftbed.com

Mail: 3691 Inca St Robstown, TX 78380

Telephone: Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Central Standard Time call 361-767-1888